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The three classes of Members are:

  • Passengers: New members without modules.

  • Partners: Voting members with modules.

  • Junior Members: Under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all shows.


Those under eighteen of age must join as a 'Junior' membership with a parent or guardian.

The parent or guardian must be a club member. As an adult over eighteen one joins as a 'Passenger' until the new member participates in at least two shows a year and has one train module. Elevation to the 'Partner' classification is recommended by one of the show's Trackmasters.

Dues and Expenses


An application fee of $ 40 is required to join. This includes membership in the year you joined and your club name badge. Subsequent annual membership fees are:

  • Passengers and parents of Juniors - $ 30

  • Partners - $ 20

  • Junior members - free

Other expenses such as club apparel, module building supplies, etc., are the responsibility of the member.

Passengers are typically new members without modules. The expectation is that a passenger will participate in several shows and assist with set up and tear down of club assets along with running their trains during the event. Ultimately each passenger is encouraged to build their own module and be part of at least two shows. Once this is accomplished the Trackmasters will notify the membership chairman and the membership will vote on the Passenger becoming a full Partner with voting privileges.


Partners are members with modules built to club standards and must participate in at least two shows annually.  It is also expected every member will assist in unloading and loading club equipment in the trailers. Each year Partners elect two Board members. Other club actions, expenditures, and projects are voted on at the monthly meetings. Mail in voting is only available for the November Board elections.

Junior members are expected to have fun.

New Member Expectations

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