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WiFi Helper

August 2021

A few reminders and operational tips for anyone new venturing into the use of WIFI apps.

Device Information:

The MTH WIFI app supports both Apple and Android products, that includes tablets and smart phones. A different story for Lionel, it only supports the Apple products both phones and tablets.

  1. Tablets seem much easier to use, the viewing screen is usually a bit larger and it cuts down on fat-fingers.

  2. Tablets may be harder to hold on to.


  1. Make sure your smart phone or tablet is fully charged prior to any show  

  2. Bring your smart phone or tablet charger to the show. Especially important since these may be unique to your device. ---------------

Device Connection:

Your device must be connected to a Network.

  1. On the device open Settings

  2. Look for Connections or WIFI depending on the device

  3. Look at networks available

  4. The default name for the MTH App used on your home layout is (MTH_DCS-6704).  

  5. The default name for the Lionel App used on your home layout is (Lionel LCS-31C2).

  6. Tracker networks have their own names readily displayed on each Tracker Router in the respective power cabinets.

  7. When operating on the MD or VA power cabinets use The TRACKER NETWORK for all WIFI connections not the HOME network name.

  8. Both Apps, Lionel and MTH, are available when signing on NCT Router.

  9. Enter Password, check the box for automatic connection, your device will always connect to the network when it sees it.

  10. Close Settings

  11. Your device is Ready to GO    









Operations MTH App: Adding an ENGINE

  1. You DO NOT need a Test Track for loading your engine on your tablet or phone

  2. Simply place your engine on your track or the Tracker layout, apply power to the track, and follow the prompts on your device

  3. Multiple engines may be on the track, the app will identify each engine even if it is not yours. If any of these engines are on your inactive list it will be transparent during this process. Select yours to add to your device.            


Operations MTH: Running an Engine

  1. Once again if your engine is not on your inactive list, it must be loaded first

  2. Place engine on track, apply power

  3. On the upper left corner scan for your engine, once it is found it becomes active

  4. Start engine

  5. Run your engine and have fun.  


Note:  a. Your engine must be loaded on your device prior to running.

b. If you use both the handheld and the App, make sure the engine numbers on both
are identical.



Operations MTH: Lash Up Engines


  1. Any Lash Up engine must be active.

  2. Place your selected engines on the track and apply power

  3. Scan for these engines

  4. The engines will now be active, but not powered up


Go to the same display on your app that was used to ADD an engine.  


  1. Select Build Lash-Up

  2. Select Build DCS Lash-Up (This example)

  3. Enter a Name, any Name works.

  4. Select the TIU displayed (The Lash-Up is only for the current TIU the system recognizes. If you build the Lash-Up at home it will not work on the NCT layouts and visa-versa.)

  5. Select a Lash-Up engine (One at a time)

  6. Select the Engine Position in the Lash-Up

  7. Select the Direction of the Engine

  8. Repeat steps 5, 6, 7 for each engine in the Lash-Up

  9. Once the you enter the Tail engine and hit DONE you are finished.

  10. Select the Lash-up Name. All engines will start up at the same time and respond to your commands. Front and Rear couplers are functional, even though they are located on different engines.              


Lionel Operations:

The following guidelines are for using the Lionel ICAB app. The Lionel app is basically a Legacy/TMCC remote on an IPAD. The only difference you must click on the connect to base icon in the upper right corner of the app.  


Note: One weird thing the Lionel app does is when you address a foreign Lionel base like at a Tracker show, it automatically adds the engines from the foreign base. So, you need to enter your engines and lash ups, it’s no big deal but the first time it can be a shock. When you get home, and address your home base, it automatically deletes all the foreign addresses from the show, and adds back all your home base engines, and lash ups.  


Lionel Operations: Adding an Engine or creating Lash-Ups

  1. When using the WIFI app to add your engines or create Lash-ups
    place your engine/engines on either the Tracker Test Track or the layout.  

  2. Apply power, the engine should remain off.  

  3. Add your engine information in the same manner
    as using your Legacy or TMCC remote, hit Enter.  

  4. You are now Ready to Run your Train. 

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